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The Olivier House Ghost

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The Olivier House Ghost

Most Haunted Places in America: Olivier House Hotel The Olivier House Hotel in New Orleans has a long history, beginning 1838, when widow Madame Marie Anne Bievenu Olivier had it built. Construction finished in 1839, when she moved into the house, located on Toulouse Street. Madame Olivier was born in 1772, and witnessed a lot of tragedy in the city of New Orleans, including the fires of 1788 and 1794. When she was 16, she married Nicolas Godefroy Olivier, distinguished painter. The two would go on to have nine children and many grandchildren. New Orleans began rebuilding itself in the 1830s. Cotton was thriving, and the Olivier family was one of the wealthiest in the city. After her husband passed away, Madame Olivier decided toRead More...

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